bottle caps recycled crafting

Do you like drawing, or painting? Maybe both? I prefer doodling haahaha because doodling is more simple and doesn't need many tools and equipment. You just need a place to draw and something to make some lines, right? *hey! drawing and painting are the same too -__-

Hmm I paint on fabric sometimes, 'something' that I use to make a line on fabric is acrylic, textile paint, and screen ink for fabric. The lazy part is after finish the painting, I clean all the tools and always make an effort to do it. Textile paint is easy to clean - no effort, always love this. Acrylic is rather difficult to clean when it stick at the palette, while the screen ink is most difficult to clean than the other. It need a sponge and special toothbrush just to clean that lovable screen ink.

Always love my old palette. There a many stretch and some color left that cannot be cleaned.
Next time this palette just for watercolor and postercolor, not acrylic and screen ink. Oughh.

I want to make a palette that can be used for many times and effortless cleaning. There is a time when it too much color that left there so it really difficult to rinse, throw it and make a new one (of course it has to be made from recycled material).

DIY palette craft
Actually I love to collect bottle caps, but they are colorful and sooo random.
(still don't know what to do with them , maybe later for next project :D)

Last time I collected some yogurt drink bottles to make DIY pencil holder here. I didn't throw the bottle caps, save it to make a new palette. I think the white bottle caps is better to make a paint palette.
recycled material

bottle caps craft
just need a glue and caps

If you make more than 4 well, attach a thin plywood or old CD under the base with glue, 
it will make the palette more solid. (See the picture below, I use thin plywood)

diy palette
This is made special for you guys, dear acrylic and screen ink :D

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