diye ribbon gift wrap

Ribbon! They're sweet and cute, right? A simple gift will look amazing if wrapped by ribbon. Yes, it will change the overall appearance. Instead of buy some those cuteness on the store, you can make your own ribbon, they're very easy to make. This will show you how to create your own ribbon using a paper, fabric, burlap, gauze even a wire!

Ribbon From Paper  

You can use origami paper, paper crepe, magazine, newspaper, or colored paper. This time I use leftover colored paper. If you use leftover paper, the size is short like mine here its just 21 cm long. Connect it one by one with glue. Then draw some motives you like.

paper ribbon draw
If you're too lazy too draw :P you can just make a lot of dots.
make ribbon draw


Ribbon From Fabric or Burlap

Choose your favorite fabric and cut to the size you need. Or you can use leftover fabric, like me who like to make pillow, have many leftover fabric. But many of them is plain color-no motive. You can draw something, pattern or shape with marker. Don't forget to iron it first, it's not easy as you draw at wrinkled fabric.
drawing at fabric

glue ribbon
Don't worry about finishing, just leave it raw, it's still cute with the raw edges. If you want a clean-neat look without bothering about sewing, fold each edge to the wrong side of fabric, iron each edge for make a straight line, then stick it with glue.


Ribbon From Gauze

cure gauze
I saw this gauze at my office, the contractor used this for partition works. They gave me some leftover. Aaaw I like the grid. It looks like the gauze that they use in medical purpose for bandage. But this material is not fabric or cotton which very soft and absorb water very well, it's more like a plastic, rather rough and more rigid.
DIY pillow wrap
Pillow wrap ribbon from gauze


Ribbon From Wire/Cable

cable data color
Cable data (Just orange and brown cable, other colors have been already used)
This idea came up after I was such in a hurry, didn't have much time for making or searching for a gift. Quickly I bought a little box chocolate in mini market. I just couldn't gave that gift like that, it didn't look good enough without the wrap. It's too common with its brand written outside, everybody would know it just a thing that you buy in mini market, tough it's true -_- I'm sorry.

But wrapping it seems impossible, it need a time and material. 'God will help you', yeah suddenly I saw a data cable, I ripped apart and took the colorful cable inside, there were blue-white, brown-white, orange-white, red-white, green-white cable. I just picked random color and tied it to the box!
DIY gift wrap ribbon
I make ribbons whenever I feel bored, drawing will make us happy !
Have any of you tried it?

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  1. Hello, my long time no see friend, dicaaaaaaz!
    Ahh... lo masih sekreatif duluu. Banyakin post ttg crafting dong kakak, suka banget ama ide lo ama poto lo kece-kece hahaha. Jadi kepo lo moto pake apaan caz? Eh btw, tau gak ini sapa yg nyapa lo? hahhaa

    1. Waaa mpuuussh ingetlah masa lupa ajegile brp taun ga ketemu trakhir smester 3 apa yah hhahha >_< Aku kapan tau setaunan lalu apa ya kalo ga salah ngesms ke nmrmu tp dah ga aktif. gw message fb tauu tp gw gabuka2 fb lg sih haha -_-

      Btw wktu di surabaya ada pameran buku big bad wolf gw kesono pus ampe jam 11 mlm, hari yg sama elo tengah malem disitu kan, kalo liat di ig mu gtu waktunya sama. Coba kalo tau ketemu deh
      Iya pengennya banyakin craft tp suka males fotoin pas lg proses haha. Ini pke nikon, tp sbnrnya udh ga bgs kamerany, jd di retouch lg, suka ngeblur, ada jamurnya jg wkwkwk parah


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