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The year is changing, your life is changing and so the calendar in your home :D They're all new, so what to do with old calendar? Instead of throw it to garbage can, what about make a DIY To Do List board with a Motivation and Vision Board, sure it will help you to concentrate and stay focus on your goal!
I got the idea of make the to do list board from old desk calendar when I was at office, there are much work to do. My mind was busy enough to do the work, remember many things, and I had to set the priority for each task. You know, I am easily distracted people -_- As a reminder I put the post it notes at my monitor so it easy to see. But it fell down for a couple days, hmm maybe the material didn't stick the post it note well. So I used the desk calendar for my to do list and motivation board. Its easy to make and help me a lot at work.

simple to do list
Sorry, kind of messy there. That to do list (at the right side) didnt go for a finish touching.
Didn't have much time for crafting at work hahaaha.

This time I make to do list board for my desk at home, and I don't want to use post it notes for write the task like before, I'll use recycled paper. I am sad when I see many people who use the paper not properly :(

First, prepare the paper you want to hang on the board. I use the blank paper at the back side of recycled paper. Cut the paper to the size you like. For the paper storage, cut the left paper calendar to fit inside the calendar. I make two size, small and medium.
recycle calendar ideas
Sorry for dirty nail, I apply black acrylic color on the edge to cover the yellow paper
recycle calendar ideas

You can print a pattern on paper or some picture you like. I just leave it black. Since I use recycled paper, it will not stick at the board. So I need something to make the paper hang on the board. Cut the left paper calendar, then glue it inside of calendar.

recycle calendar ideas
recycle calendar ideas

I make the vision board on the other side. I just draw some line in white paper, write the title and stick it with glue. Then wrap it with thread for hanging the paper, this will lock the paper from falling too. Fill the page with your goals that make you feel happy. With a goal you keep telling your mind to achieve that goal, and somehow it make us easier to find the way.

I always collect motivation words from film, author, legends, or anyone that really inspired me and keep me positive whatever my condition and situation is. Tough is hard but hey, this is life :) I write my favorite quotes that really affects me in life. 

May this help who want to make to do list. I know smartphone will do good for write many task, but I prefer write on the paper. Writing is more fun than touch the screen! And making something from recycled material is really fun. So, what recycled material that you use to make your to do list board?

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