recycled pocket folder

This ideas of little gift box came up after re-setup my clutter desk (Finally! -_-). I found some pocket folders, most of them were dirty and not used anymore. Such a waste if I throw it into trash can. Thought of reuse this thing, guess it would be nice for a box, a gift box! Cause I don't have to spend a money for gift wrapping :D. The thickness was right, not too thick and not too thin. Sooo, I decided to make a little gift box and give a gift to someone I love. YEY!

Tools to make diy gift box
Tools : 1.Ruler   2.Watercolor/poster color (optional)    3.Pencil
4.Drawing Pen   5.Glue    6.Scissor


Step How To Make
step how to make diy gift box
Easy right? Don't forget to make the top larger than the bottom.
Okaaay, the box was ready after I finish the top and the bottom of the box. But the problem is sometimes I feel bad giving things from recycled material, ough. Not for the value, but it’s second hand matters. It’s ok if it pass the chemical process like a paper, plastic or a can. It will look like a brand new. But this is different, it made from things that had been used before. Maybe if I could make this like a new one, it doesn’t matter as long as the person that we want to give don’t know about it (evil laugh :P). I just have to make this like new, right? it’s time to makeover this box! Hahahaaaaa

recycled material craft
"BE HAPPY !" Yes I always am.
I prefer drawing by hand, just want it look clean and simple. No, the real reason is if you draw by hand isn't time consuming, really fast :D. If you want more 'sweetness', you can add some ornament like dried plants or ribbon. Oh yeah, you can make your own ribbon too! The other options is you can print some pattern you like, stick it with glue, then make a box from step to step like the picture above.

recycled material
"HEY !" Yes you, who reading this :D
I drew some dots and made it spread over the surface. This is the easiest way to camouflage the look. I love to put good vibes in everything, hahaha. It make you happy when looking a beautiful picture, isn't it? The same as looking or hearing beautiful words. I'll make some series of motivation words later :D

recycled material

This was painted by poster color, just to make a happy - colorful box. Then put some candies, or something you want to give inside it. I put a belt right there, Tadaa. You’re ready to give for someone you love. I hope they're happy with your special gift :)

gift box from recycled material
Ready to give a gift for the special one? :D

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