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How do you store your pen? Vertically or horizontally? I didn't care about how to store pens and pencils, all types of my pen and pencils were stored vertically. I often use some marker and pen brush. One day I was accidentally read my marker, 'store the pen horizontally'. So I checked all my pen, and some of them were stored incorrectly.

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According to scrapjazz, Pens have specific storage requirements if you wish to maintain them optimally.
  1. Marker-style pens and pens with writing tips on both ends must be stored horizontally to keep the ink distributed evenly. Attempting to store them vertically can result in all the ink “pooling” on the downward tip, with the other end drying out.  In addition, any type of pen that requires you to shake before use, such as metallic paint markers, should be stored in the same manner. 
  2. Ink pens such as gel pens, Zig Writers and similar pens should always be stored so that they are vertical, with the writing end down, cap on. 
  3. Pencils can be stored vertically or horizontally. If they are stored vertically, place them in the storage container with the sharpened ends up.  This way, you have less chance of the sharpened tip breaking off, requiring additional sharpening before use.
Because of storage reason (I didn't have horizontal pencil holder) my markers were scattered on the desk like a mess for a couple month -__- I was thinking where it could be stored horizontally. An idea came up when I was drinking a yogurt which had a rectangular shape bottle. Why? The aim of choosing rectangular shape is it suitable for tiny space desk/shelf! It doesn't need much space, clean, neat look and more functional in storage. Yippie!

Material : Recycled Bottle
Tools : Cutter, Scissor, Glue
How to make
craft from recycled material
Very easy and Fast to make !
Wait, don't throw the caps and the mouth bottle.
See what I did to the caps here.
See what I did with mouth bottle here.
pencil holder diy

I left it without finishing cause it feels like was made from acrylic hahaha. Hmmmm the reason is transparent will make a 'light' perception, while solid-color surface will make a 'heavy' perception. I like the transparent character, creates a clean look and affects the room look wider. Take a look at the border line, it doesn't too visible. Will be different if it made from solid color, the border line will be seen clearly. But if you want add more cuteness and personal touch, cover it with paper, burlap or wood. Enjoy ! :D

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