Who wants to be happy?
Of course everyone wants to be happy, and even animals too.
Who wants to be sad?
Hmm.. you, maybe?This question is strange, because nobody wants to be sad.
The fact is people feel many emotions in their life, dominated by happiness or sadness. Sometimes we may be happy and sometimes be sad, they are part of our life. We can’t feel happiness without sadness, otherwise we can’t feel sadness if happiness don’t exist. They’re both opposite but complete each other.
It’s sadness — that teaches you how to be happy
Being happy is great! it is good for physical and mental health. It boost your immune system, protect your body from sickness, helps you think more clearly, brighten up your day, make people around you feel good, make you look younger and more beautiful :D

Being sad is hard! especially when you're alone without anyone knowing what you're dealing with. Your mood go down, you feel horrible about yourself, "this is not what i want!" and have some problem with sleep-eat-concentration. You start to think that life is sucks, the worst is it may lead you into depression.
"I can choose to sit in perpetual sadness, immobilized by the gravity of my loss, or I can choose to rise from the pain and treasure the most precious gift I have – life itself."
- Walter Anderson -
I am not wise person (hopefully someday I am), but what I feel is happiness sometimes make me a selfish-arrogant person. I just thinking about myself, I want more and more till I realized that is not what I want. Not just that, it affect my comfort zone. I am too happy so I don't want try something else..

However, sadness could lead me not just into pain, but also make me care more about other people. I know what I want clearly because I get something i don't want. It create a spirit to change, a strength to move on, suddenly find many ways to fix everything. Sadness is my best teacher.

We cannot separate what is good, what is bad between happy and sad. Just like Osho said, it's about balance, happy is good but also bad too, the same as sad if we know the portion.  It makes me come into conclusion that I have to combine both. Whenever I’m "too happy", I remember how I pass the hard moments. When I am sad, I don't push myself to be happy. I accept my condition, start to remember the happy moment and doing things I love. It is easier when I am happy than sad but it's really help, somehow I feel blessed and more grateful :)

Update :
I am wrong about happiness and sadness. They are just part of emotion and thought. Negative and positive is a judgement or  label that we put in what we feel. You can see what I wrote above is part of thought, and I want to control it. Now I learn to put all the judgement and just feel the sensation, allow it to come and go, it doesn't easy for beginning, but I keep learning to grow and aware of that, thank you for reading ;)

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